My favorite type’s of animals

One of my favorite type of animal is a gueensland  heeler.It’s a type of dog I like them because. They  are so active and fun .And there protective they are made for .Hearding sheep ,cows there made for hearding .Those types of animals they are very wild .Another animal that I personally love is a. Husky they are just so pretty .And there beautiful blue eyes it kills me every time. I see one because there so cute .And I want one and my mom won’t get one. I love these types of animals because i’m an animal lover.

I also love hummingbirds one of the reasons why. Is because they are so beautiful . I love the color on there wings .The colors that they have are just so beautiful. I love watching them fly around. Another type of bird I like is a Cardinal. There so fluffy and red I love the top of there hed .Because it has those little feathers on top .They have very fancy feathers they are very cool .looking birds and that’s why. I love those types of animals.

So  another type of animal. I like is a pig I don’t really know why .but my Grandma had a pig named Nono. Because he always sounded like he said nono .I got really attached to him he was so sweat. And he let me pet him well .One day when I went to my Grandma’s house.  He was gone he got buthchured .That was a sad day but I got over it .But it turns out I ate him not knowing .But it was to late they tould me after I ate the ham.  



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