Marshmallow challenge

             This week we have done the marshmallow challenge. The marshmallow challenge you have eighteen minutes .To build a tall tower with a foot of scotch tape. A string make sure it’s not to big just big Enough to cut it in half .And you need twenty pices of spaghetti noodles . And one marshmellaw the marshmallow is for the top of the tower you will build it using. All of those ingredients .after the eighteen minutes are up .You will now let it go if it stands up .For at least a minute you win.But if your class mate has built. A taller tower they will be the winners .IMG_0546 (1)If you have ever done the marshmallow challenge comment below.

One thought on “Marshmallow challenge

  1. Hello Alicia! My name is Skylar from All Things Québec and I absolutely love your post!
    I`ve actually never tried the marshmallow challenge but it sounds really interesting since you use pasta to build a tower!I would probably try to make the Eiffel Tower but in 18 minutes, I don’t know if its possible. I really do like the idea that you did( perhaps I don’t know if the picture is your tower) but if it is, like I said, I really do like it! If you would ever like to visit my blog ill leave the link right after this phrase and you’ll see my personalities!

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